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Offer existing customers/prospects an annual review

Existing customers

Many brokers focus on bringing in new clients, but the time and money spent on keeping existing clients is always more cost effective.

  1. Put an 'annual review' link on your website.
  2. Write to existing customers to explain that you wish to give their insurance policies an annual review to ensure that they are getting the best value.

    Doing this will better position you as their expert and trusted advisor (as opposed to just a salesperson). Someone who puts their interests first.

  3. Explain that you will phone them to agree a convenient time to do this.

    Tell them how long this will take, and what the benefit will be.

  4. As part of the review you may be able to up-sell/cross-sell - but be subtle. Remember that you are a trusted advisor not a salesperson.

    Ask lots of questions to try to find out what needs they have that may be solved by your products/services.

  5. Once they are completely satisfied, and delighted with your advice and customer service, ask for two (or more) referrals.

    Consider giving them an incentive if either referral converts into new business.


TV ads are constantly telling the public that they could save money by changing their insurance provider.

Offering your prospects a personal review of their policies, no strings attached, may be a very good way to convert them.

The trick is to be very much a trusted adviser, and not a salesperson.

All those that you convert may also be incentivised to refer you to friends/family.

Some guidance on costs

The costs incurred in organising an annual review can be limited to just a letter and postage. If done by email then the cost is almost zero.

Take note of your mandatory legal requirements