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How to use direct mail cost effectively


What's the business argument for using direct mail?

Eight reasons to make mail your medium.

A direct mail 'quick win' to start doing today

Your most profitable use of direct mail is likely to be the hand-written thank you note, Christmas or birthday card that you send to those giving you referral business.

Which of my mailing lists is likely to be the most responsive?

Review your four main options of direct mail campaign.


Create your direct mail campaign

  1. Decide on your source of data (to mail).

    Understand why you should always try and use warm leads, not cold lists.

  2. Create your letter/mailing.

  3. How to use a well written sales letter to generate sales.

An example of an effective (recruitment) direct mail campaign.

Some guidance on costs

Allow for the price of the envelope, letter and postage (if you are using existing data off your company database).

This cost will rise if you include printed brochures, leaflets or cards.

If you are using a freelance copywriter and/or a local designer then budget for hourly rates, and expect to pay for a one or two day’s work. Or you may wish to do your own copywriting.

Take note of your mandatory legal requirements

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