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Position yourself as an expert

People like dealing with specialists.

The more you can position yourself/your brand/your company as the expert, the more comfortable your prospect will be buying from you.

You want to be thought of as a trusted advisor, not a salesman.

Some ideas/methods of doing this:

  1. Online media allow you to position yourself as the expert:

    • Publish plenty of valuable content on your website and within social media. Google is inclined to place companys with helpful, relevant and up to date advice at the top of the ranking, so more prospects will find you and more of them will feel comfortable buying from you.
    • Weekly email/newsletters are an other way to promote your expertise.
    • Use a webinar (online seminar), teleconference or podcast.
    • Offer free Reports/White Papers to visitors
    • Publish a report, buyers guide, blog or even a book.
    • Present your expert guidance via video on YouTube
  2. Use a recognised expert to endorse your brand, and get it published.
  3. Get an article into your trade press.

    If you can't do this, you can buy advertising space and publish an advertorial.

When you write/talk to a prospect/customer, answer all their questions. Give them evidence that what you are saying is true. Educate them. Make them feel powerful, in the know, that they've made the right decision coming to you.