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How to market your business locally

You know how competitive things are now as bigger companies with bigger budgets try to encroach on your business. But there’s one area where you can always dominate – and that’s your local market.

So how can you win your local business battle?

Here are some tried and tested tactics:

  1. Local media, engaged

    Getting local media coverage needn’t be difficult; follow these steps to build a positive relationship with some useful contacts.

  2. Local problem, fixed

    Talk to your local media contact. Brainstorm with your team. Find a local irritation that bothers your community, such as litter or graffiti. Host a challenge and try to do something about it. Positive coverage should follow.

  3. Local charity, supported

    Local charities usually have great local media connections, so if you become a primary sponsor you could get some good coverage.

    Consider giving a donation for every converted referral you receive. Use the charity’s contacts to get you coverage as you hand over the final ‘big cheque’.

  4. Local team, sponsored

    If you choose to sponsor a local children’s sports team, go the extra mile and engage with the club and its members. Look to build relationships that could, for example, turn into joint venture partners or referral champions.

  5. Local Google map, optimised

    Check that you’ve set up your Google My Business effectively.

  6. Local networking group, joined

    Becoming an active member of your local Chamber of Commerce, or another business group, will increase your local prominence and multiply networking opportunities. Sign up for committee positions and look after stalls at events. Maximise your chances of building a good relationship with your local media.

Promoting your business locally helps to deliver your sales objectives without you needing to invest much budget. It can raise your personal profile as well as boost your team’s morale, so should be well worth the small amount of the time and effort needed.

An example of memorable, eye-catching and engaging local sponsorship