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Brainstorm to come up with some ideas

Brainstorming means ‘attempting to find a solution to a problem or question by collecting spontaneous ideas’.

How to ‘brainstorm’ 

  1. Write quickly and intensively for a short period and create a list of possible thoughts and ideas.

    Don’t worry about getting things in a particular order: just get as much down on paper as you can.

  2. Keep writing until you get stuck.

    Don’t worry if some of your thoughts seem odd, wrong, stupid or silly. Sometimes the best ideas develop from what seems like an unlikely starting point.

  3. If you haven't got enough ideas then go for a walk and have a think, or go back through some of the other methods of getting ideas, such as skimming through the trade press.

    Some people get their best ideas when they are doing something else, or can't sleep or are surfing the web.

  4. Some people brainstorm using a Post-it note wall of ideas.  Moving the notes around allows you to come up with interesting combinations of thoughts and ideas.