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Visualising your 'ideal client'

Once you have developed a descriptive profile of your ‘ideal client’, create a visual representation of him or her for your team.

Here are two alternative approaches

A simple visual approach

Doing this has a number of benefits

  1. It acts as a reminder of who is the primary focus demographic for the business.
  2. It acts as a valuable visual reference when your team is discussing referral opportunities with your existing clients.
  3. It clarifies who is the primary target audience for your recruitment campaign.

Or your may prefer to creat an Avatar

By creating an avatar of your ideal client(s) you benefit from

  1. Your whole team being crystal clear about who is likely to be a profitable potential client and who to avoid.
  2. Having an agreed description to give to existing clients when discussing your referral programme, so that they recognise who amongst their friends would be appropriate to recommend to you.

See how to create the profile or persona of your ideal client.

Create your avatar using relevant criteria from the following options: