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Why it’s important to make your social media accessible to everyone


Here are just a few of the many good reasons for doing this:

  1. It's a legal requirement: under the Equality Act 2010.
  2. It’s a big market: There are 14.6 million disabled people in the UK (21% working age; 42% pension age). Disabled people and their families have a spending power of £274 billion per year
  3. This audience is very active online: Inaccessible brands suffer reputational damage. Accessible brands get positively endorsed.
  4. And morally, of course, it’s the right thing to do.

How we can help you to be make what you publish more accessible

  1. Please download and run through the concise PowerPoint guide shown below, to understand what you need to do.
  2. And as a valuable double-check, print and tick off the relevant 1pp checklist, further down the page.  Thank you


1. Your quick guide

2. Your three accessibility checklists