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Make your website a much more effective business development tool by using:

What will they do for you?

They'll show you exactly how to turn your website into a much more powerful business development tool.

How will they do this?

By improving your digital presence so as to increase the likelihood that more potential customers will:

  1. Find your website, and then
  2. Contact you to buy insurance.

Who will you be working with?

Their credentials

  • They’re experts in website development with 25+ years’ experience.
  • They have a broad understanding of the Broker and Insurance business, working as consultants with Maria Ketteringham at Aviva for nearly ten years.
  • They’re good copywriters - so you don’t need to be.
  • They’re really easy to work with!

Examples of recent work

Note how the new website quickly grabs the attention and engages with their (energetic and creative) target audience. It then quickly explains the benefits of using Performers Insurance before convincing the visiting prospective customer to pick up the phone.

In this example the website customer message is kept clear and simple with the focus on recruiting clients who are local to The Thomas Gray Partnership and want to work with a team of highly experienced professionals.

Pricing and costs

  1. Consultancy

    In some instances you’ll just need an enhanced website revamp with some good advice on how to make your existing site work much harder for you. For this, Mark charges £75/hour – with a minimum total fee of £250 (not incl. vat).

  2. Website redevelopment and build
    • Depending on your requirements, a newly created website will cost between £4,000 and £6,000 (not incl. vat). Mark, Jim and his team work together with you on this.

    This fee includes such elements as:

    • All client management and copywriting
    • Testimonial sourcing
    • Design, coding and website build
    • A CMS (content management system) which will allow you to make simple changes to your website

    Production elements not within this build estimate include:

    • Any photography, video or other images that are required
    • Website hosting (if you need this)
    • A chat box messaging tool

Please contact them now

Email at to arrange a time to discuss your requirements. Or call him on 07748 775 231

Note that these are recommendations only.

No liability will be accepted for any loss suffered directly or indirectly as a result of access to, use of or reliance on these suppliers. You should complete your own internal processes and due diligence when engaging their services. Any subsequent contract will be between yourselves and the supplier. We do not receive any fee for introducing them to you.

The cost of calls to 01/02/03/07 prefixed numbers are charged at national call rates (charges may vary dependent on your network provider) and are usually included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles. Telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.