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Is exceptional customer service your competitive differentiator?

If exceptional customer service is your competitor differentiator, then run through this checklist to see if any of these suggestions are useful:

  1. A system, for example, in which the office phones are answered after a certain number of rings, and that all emails are returned within a set time period (say, 24 hours).
  2. A senior director who is given the responsibility to ensure that all claims are handled quickly and efficiently, and that your customers are kept updated.
  3. Ideally an annual, or bi-annual customer survey, where customer concerns are quickly followed up and addressed.
  4. A effective annual review system by which most if not all customers are personally contacted (ideally, if possible, with a face to face meeting).
  5. Every client who makes a referral automatically receives a written thank you note or card.
  6. A steady flow of glowing (and ideally recent) Google Reviews is maintained, with client testimonials regularly published on your website.
  7. A marketing programme is in place, by which useful information is regularly shared with your customers database.