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Six good reasons why entering awards can be good for business

  1. Raising your business credibility

    Because your award entry is going to be judged by a group of industry experts, just by entering you will naturally raise your business credibility with a number of recognised business leaders within your sector.

    Then if you do go on to win, your award should further boost recognition within the industry, helping to establish your place at the top of your field – with all the advantages that this can bring.

  2. Staff recognition, and motivation, plus a boost to morale

    Winning or being shortlisted for an award is a very public way of recognising the hard work and achievements of your staff.

    Plus awards remind employees what’s good about the company and why they can be proud to be part of it.

    Also, let’s not forget that attending an awards ceremony with your team should turn out to be a great night out, with good food, good company, and hopefully great entertainment.

  3. Attracting talent and investment

    If an award recognises you as being the best – then the best talent in your industry is more likely to want to work with you.

  4. Attending the awards is a great networking opportunity to meet with the best in the business

    Getting together with peers, clients and contractors gives you the chance to meet and network to your advantage.

  5. Being an award winner can lead to a boost in client retention and customer recruitment.

    Everyone likes to be associated with winners, so winning or just being nominated for an industry award can be a great way to reinforce the message that you’re a successful and established business that people will want to work with.

  6. Brand differentiation

    Being an award-winning business can be an additional and effective way to set yourself apart from your competition.