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How to leverage your awards success to boost your business

So you’ve won or been nominated for an award, congratulations! But as the applause dies down it’s crucial to remember that your journey doesn’t end here.

Winning or being nominated is just the first step. An award win or nomination that goes unnoticed or uncapitalised serves no purpose other than to collect dust on your shelf.

So now you need to leverage your award, to amplify its value and boost the positive impact it can have on your business.

7 tips on how to effectively leverage your success

  1. Announce your win or nomination - and be loud and proud

    The first and most straightforward step is to announce your win or nomination. Draft a well-thought-out press release and distribute it to relevant local and national media outlets and industry-specific publications.

  2. Social media spotlight

    In today’s digital age, announcing your win or nomination on social media platforms is almost obligatory. Use your favoured platforms to showcase your achievement and thank your team, clients, and anyone else who contributed to your success.

    High-quality images of the award ceremony, the trophy, and a well-crafted message can make your post stand out.

  3. Promote through your marketing materials

    Integrate your award win or nomination into your existing marketing collateral. This includes your website, brochures, business cards, and email signatures. Feature the award logo prominently on your homepage and consider adding a dedicated ‘Awards’ section to your site. This serves as a constant reminder to visitors of your expertise and recognition in the field.

  4. Engage with clients and other business partners

    An award win or nomination is a prime opportunity to engage with clients and potential business partners.

    Send out personalised emails informing them of your latest accomplishment. It’s a great way to remind them of your services and the quality you deliver.

    You might even invite any clients who are relevant to the award, for example who feature in the case study, to the awards evening.

  5. Internal celebration

    Don’t underestimate the morale-boosting power of an award win or nomination.

    Celebrate with your team, and make sure they feel part of the success. After all, a motivated team is more likely to continue performing at the level that won you the award in the first place.

  6. Case studies and testimonials

    Document how the award has impacted your business since the win or nomination, and include this information in future award submissions or business proposals.

  7. Repurpose your award content

    Think about where else you can promote your success - and then repurpose your award content through these channels.

    Turn relevant snippets into social media captions, case studies, blog posts, or e-newsletter highlights.

    This approach could double the value of your initial investment, as well as keep your award win at the forefront of your audience’s mind.