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Joint venture partner marketing

Who do you know who has a similar client base to you, but offers a different service?

Joint venture, partner or collaboration marketing can be a very effective way of:

  1. Rapidly generating a responsive list of new prospects
  2. Recruiting a referral group as a key element of your referral strategy
  3. Generating in-bound links to your website, and by doing so improve your site's SEO

Set up a Preferred Partner link on your website

Recruit local businesses who will offer your customers and website visitors a discount on their products and services.

Not only will your customers get added value, but you also gain the database of prospects who have redeemed their coupon discount from your partners.

What is your objective with each referral partner?

Your goal with referral partners is to be the first person on their minds when someone asks them about your products and services. 

Brainstorm some ideas.  Here are a few to start you off:

  1. Be their number one referrer.

    Make sure that you also have a referral mindset.  Before you get you must give, which means that in order to get lots of referrals from these people you must be giving them referrals.

    How could you actively recommend each other’s services? Could you include an exclusive offer/incentive to their customers?

  2. Jointly sponsor an event, such as a local firework display (and offer free tickets to everyone on their LinkedIn or Facebook contact list)
  3. Attend local networking events together.
  4. Put each one of them on your newsletter list.

    Give them helpful information that they can use to boost their own sales.

  5. Invite them to an all-expense paid luncheon that has a great speaker.

    Treat them like stars.

    Leave a lasting impression.

  6. If they are potentially a big referrer consider sending them something (like a fruit basket for the office?) every month. This will keep you in their minds all year long. 

How to sign up your joint venture partners.