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Decide on the primary message/main headline for your page

With visitors to your site deciding in just a few seconds whether or not to leave, you need to be ruthless in prioritizing what you need them to know. To help you work this out, answer this:

  • What simple message will stop them clicking out and moving to the next website on Google's list? What will instantly convince them that they've come to the right place - a website that will solve their problem or fulfil their need.

Your customer insight should guide you on what their primary need is and what question they have when arriving on your website.

Here's an example.  The question is 'where can I get cheap pet insurance?'

Compare these two headlines from AXA

Will the pet owner who arrives on the AXA website be engaged by the 'welcome' headline? Or go elsewhere looking for a good deal?

Will the incentivising message on the AXA provided insurance (on this Sainsbury's website), hold their attention for longer, and maybe get them to request a quote?

Writing your headline

  1. Who is this audience segment that you are most interested in talking to?
  2. What insight do you have on this target? 

    What are their needs?

    What problem can you solve?

    What benefit can you offer to get them to click the associated call-to-action?

  3. What is your value proposition to this customer segment? Is it single-minded, customer-centric and benefit-led?

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