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Testing is so profitable, you'd be mad not to do it

Stop trying to choose the ‘right’ marketing solution. 

Instead, use testing to deliver key insights about what your customer/prospect is most likely to do.  This will stop you relying on guesswork/gut feel - and almost guarantee you a good return on investment because it:

  1. Increases customer response,
  2. Reduces your costs and, as a result
  3. Rapidly increases your profits.

Testing takes you from what you think will work (your best guess), to what you know works best (your most profitable solution).

See this step-by-step test plan.

"Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

David Ogilvy

Have a look at the examples below, which demonstrate how one marketer has successfully used testing to substantially boost response rates (and therefore profits)

1.   Adding a headline, and improving the other headline's contrast increased response by 45%

2.   Just by changing the button, the response increased by 48%

3.   Adding an image and improving the contrast (yellow to white) increased the response by 82%!

4.   Adding video increased the response rate by 14%

The test process

  1. Budget for your test 
  2. Test objectives - define them
  3. Test – in order of the impact they have on results (direct marketing) 
  4. Decide on your sample size
  5. Control – specify it 
  6. Create your test matrix 

Testing different media, different marketing approaches

  1. A/B testing (digital) 
  2. A/B testing (press) 
  3. Copy testing 
  4. Email testing
  5. Landing page testing
  6. Pay-Per-Click/AdWords split testing

Test every month

Testing one new marketing approach every month and within a year you’ll have the results of twelve new marketing methods, several of those will be winners that you can roll out on a larger scale.

More on testing

  1. Copy testing 
  2. Multivariate testing
  3. Pre-testing (TV)
  4. Pre-testing finished ads
  5. Pre-testing unfinished ads
  6. Post-testing 
  7. Why testing is mandatory

“Let hundreds of people tell you what the millions will do”

Claude Hopkins