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Creating your personas - an introduction

A buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer (within a particular niche or customer segment). Personas may be developed from known customer demographics and behaviour, along with your own understanding of their motivations and challenges.

Producing different buyer personas will help you to:

  1. Determine what kind of content you need to produce.
  2. Set the tone, style, and delivery strategies for your communication.
  3. Target the topics you should be talking/writing about.
  4. Understand where buyers get their information and how they want to consume it.

Create your buyer persona

Examine each segment/niche of your existing customer base.  In particular, concentrate on your most profitable customers.

Pull out the traits that they have in common.

Use these traits to build a fictional picture (persona) of your ideal prospect.  Include as much details as possible.

Build the persona using:

  1. These (consumer) segmentation variables:

    (Or use these B2B segmentation variables)

    Also consider the benefits of creating a persona of your best customers.

  2. An clear understanding of their needs.

  3. Then develop behaviour-based profiles.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for building personas.

Use it to learn about buyers in their own words. When you look at enough LinkedIn profiles, you start to see commonalities that can help you create a composite sketch of your target persona.

Use LinkedIn to understand how they talk about their jobs, what they say they are responsible for, and what phrases they use to talk about their work.

Use it to understand what they are really like and the kind of content that will appeal to them.

The 'recommendations' section shows how other people describe them and what really defines them as a person.