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Stop selling, start helping and you'll win more business

In this digital age, when your competitors are just a click away, it’s increasingly the most helpful, most customer-centric businesses that brings in the most business. So how can being helpful make your network marketing more effective?

  1. Help them and they’ll listen

    It’s human nature to listen when someone is saying something valuable. And once you’ve got their attention and built some rapport, they’re much more likely to listen to what else you’ve got to say.

  2. Ask the right questions

    Networking is like Google. If you don’t ask the right questions it doesn’t work. When you talk to people, find out what problems they’re facing and what challenges they have. Find out how you can be helpful.

  3. Build a relationship. Don’t attempt to convert when you first meet

    A hard sell never feels friendly. Instead, focus on developing a rapport and building trust. The secret to networking is recognising that you’re not just talking to one person but, by extension, to everyone they know as well. Even if this person doesn’t become a client, the people they know might. Try to sell through your network, rather than at it.

  4. Follow-up immediately

    Maybe you said that you’d read a brilliant article on something they’re wrestling with, or that you know of a great copywriter. Whatever it is, get back to them straight away.

    And try to follow everyone up – not just those who may be actively interested in buying.

  5. Consider collaborating

    Seek out like-minded people from other industries with similar business problems and see if you can help each other by collaborating.

Ultimately, if you can demonstrate authenticity through what you say and what you do, people will see that you want to help and hopefully will give you the chance to.

For more on how to develop a networking strategy, see the guide, below.

Network marketing – your step by step guide

Make networking work harder and faster for you.

Most people find networking a bit daunting - but it needn’t be if you follow the advice in this step-by-step guide:

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