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Engagement - where are people entering your website?

For many businesses the most common entry point to their website is a blog page. This is because the content has been specifically written to match the needs and search queries of potential customers.

To establish what your website’s most common entry points are, open your Google Analytics dashboard and select “Benchmarking” then “Userflow”. This will show you where visitors are entering your site, and then where they move on to.

This will help you to understand where to publish more in-depth content on key topics that are valuable to your target market.

Also note that if your website is seen to provide valuable content on a particular topic then Google will regard your website as an expert on that topic and, as a result, rank your web pages higher. This means that your website will show up at all the right times when potential customers are searching for answers to specific, related questions.

For those who prefer an audio visual guide, here’s a short but instructive video.