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Build your business in 2024 using simple content marketing

Content marketing
is often talked about, but not often understood. Essentially, it’s the art of achieving your growth targets by communicating with your prospects and customers – but without actually having to sell to them.

So how do you gain these business building benefits when your time and resources are so limited?

Build your 2024 plan using our handy template

A great place to start is by creating a 2024 content calendar. This will help you to coordinate and focus your activity across your available communication channels and ensure you hit those all-important deadlines.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. We use a simple spreadsheet like this one here, which you may also find helpful.

Planning on attending a trade conference or exhibition? Thinking about dedicating a certain month to promoting a particular product?

If yes, begin by making a note of your key dates first. Consider messages that are more relevant at certain times of the year and what your audience will be interested in hearing about. An example of this could be risk management information that’s linked to the changing seasons.

Having everything mapped out in one place will flag any potential clashes and help to identify free gaps in your plan, just in case you need to bring forward or push back on any communication deadlines.

Create your content

Once you know what you’re wanting to talk about with your clients and prospects, you can start to develop your content copy.

You may find this guidance useful in getting started on developing your ideas. However, if you’re still needing inspiration then check out our free content on Broker Create.

We have templates on underinsurance, cyber, seasonal risk management and much more, ready to get you started. All you need is your Aviva Broker log-in.

Content marketing can be a particularly effective way to build positive relationships with both your customers and prospects and what better time to get your plan in place for the year ahead.