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The benefits of creating a Company profile on LinkedIn

  1. It increases your Company’s credibility

    Having a Company profile showcases you as being a dynamic, forward thinking business; which will be important to most potential new clients as well as to prospective new employees. Support this by including the link on your email signature, website and blog.

  2. It helps you to effectively target specific new business groups

    The prospects that you’ll acquire via LinkedIn are savvy, information-hungry and searching for ways to operate smarter. Does this match your ideal client profile? See how to use LinkedIn to target individuals in specific customer segments.

  3. Your Google page rankings will improve

    Having a LinkedIn company page will directly improve your search engine ranking and visibility, especially if you regularly publish valuable content.

  4. Your employees will act as indirect company ambassadors

    When your team update their current Experience section on their personal LinkedIn profile, with your company's name, they are automatically attached to your company page. All you need to do now is ensure that your employees become well connected within your targeted industry sectors.