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How you'll benefit from having a LinkedIn profile

Have you Googled yourself recently? One of the top results is likely to be your LinkedIn profile.

Why a personal LinkedIn profile is so valuable

  1. Prospects will research you

    Increasingly, before people buy from you, even while they are on the phone to you, they'll be checking your profile online - so it's important that it presents you as credible, experienced and knowledgeable. People prefer to buy from specialists - and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to promote your expertise.

  2. It helps to cement your relationship and encourages client loyalty

    Whenever you do business with someone, follow up by connecting with them on LinkedIn; it helps to establish the relationship. Say something positive such as, "It was great to talk to you and thanks for choosing us. Please contact me on my mobile if I can help any further."

  3. The endorsements and recommendations will bring in more business

    If you work with somebody and they enjoy doing business with you, ask for a recommendation (which you should reciprocate). These endorsements build your reputation as an expert (so also publish them on your website). Everyone prefers to buy from experts.

  4. It helps to generate many more referrals

    Get your client's permission to contact their connections and to mention their name. Ideally also get an endorsement or testimonial to support your sales message.

Important things to consider when creating your LinkedIn profile

As you construct your profile, remember that you are producing an advertisement, except in this instance you are the product. You are also trying to get your profile listed at the top of local Google insurance broker rankings.

Some key points to remember:

  • Don't copy and paste your cv into your LinkedIn profile.
  • The headline of your advertisement is your profile title.
  • Your photograph needs to be warm and engaging.
  • Try to include your local town or city in your title.
  • Your summary must substantiate claims made in your title.
  • Connect with clients.
  • Invest time in getting endorsements.

Remember to complete and optimise your profile (and keep it updated). It's not difficult to do and will be a very good use of your time.

So now that you realise the power that a personal LinkedIn profile can have, here's how you can create a company LinkedIn profile and the benefits to doing so.

How do you compare?

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