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Why niche marketing could be key to your business success

Many of you are already niche marketers, growing your business by using your contacts, knowledge and experience in a particular market segment to service the needs of a defined community.

Why niche marketing delivers great business opportunities:

  1. Your potential client audience expands

    For small localised firms, adopting a niche market strategy actually enlarges the pool of new business leads to every corner of the UK.

    Action: Define the ideal client niche persona to focus your strategy.

  2. Price becomes less of a factor

    A niche audience is usually less focused on price and more interested in your knowledge and ability to fulfil their particular needs.

    Action: Decide if the primary message on your website should change to target your niche audience.

  3. Targeting becomes easier

    You’re much more likely to appear near the top of Google ranking if you offer a specific solution to a defined audience.

    Action: Support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by considering the option to test niche targeting with Google Ads.

  4. Becoming an expert in a particular niche takes less time

    Action: Add a ‘lead magnet’ to your website to demonstrate your expertise and motivate your niche audience to leave their details.

  5. You could get more and better quality referrals

    Your niche audience is often a close knit community who network online and meet at regional shows and events.

    Action: Develop your referrals strategy to exploit this opportunity. Also consider offering reciprocal referral deals to relevant non-competitive partner businesses.

  6. Loyalty levels increase as there’s less competition

    Calculate your niche customer’s average lifetime value in order to help to determine your recruitment budget.

Any business that is good at matching the right product to a customer’s needs can do well here. The key is to match your expertise with a defined audience that is looking for specialist help and support. Then develop a relevant market proposition and deliver it via well-trained, passionate and experienced staff.