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How brokers profit by investing in their brand

Effective branding reassures, it delivers credibility and builds trust. When a potential client/referral finds you online, what they see and how they feel determines whether they pick up the phone, or click away to a competitor’s website. People often buy on emotion, then justify their decision with logic.

It’s the same when a potential new member of staff comes across your site; if you look like a modern dynamic business then they’ll get in touch. Otherwise they’ll look to work elsewhere.

Use this checklist to get more value from your investment in your brand

  1. Your online presence
  2. Deliver on your promise
    • If, for example, your brand message promises to get your clients the best available price, then make sure you deliver. The more you do what you say you’re going to do, the more credible your brand becomes.

  3. Business and marketing collateral
    • Does your logo look like it’s been created by a committee or a graphic designer? Is it simple and visually appealing? Many clients use brokers because insurance seems complex, and look to you to simplify the process for them. Make sure your logo reflects that.
    • Does your email design grab their attention and encourage them to keep reading?
    • Are you using your email signature to actively market the business?
    • Is it time to redesign your headed paper?

  4. Your personal brand
  5. Quality client services is also key
    • Is a ringing phone picked up immediately? Is it answered professionally? Are all client emails responded to within 24 hours?
    • If you’ve recently added new efficiency systems (that for example change how clients renew, pay, or contact you), do you know if they’re helping or driving customers away.

Investing time and budget in improving your brand message will enhance the impression you present to your customers, with positive profitable results. Take a fresh look at your brand: refine it, maybe even redefine it and watch your business grow.

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